What is a Flush?


A "flush" is the time of the year the tea is picked. First flush is the tea picked during the first picking season of the year and second flush is the tea picked during the second picking season of the year.

Depending on the region, there could be two flushes, four flushes, or more each year; however, not all teas are broken into specific flushes. Some tea growing regions have a consistent climate all year round and tea is picked every 7 to 15 days throughout the year.

The Darjeeling region in northern India, at the foot of the Himalayas, produces some of the most prized first flush teas in the world. First flush Darjeeling teas are usually picked from February into early April when the top two leaves and a bud first sprout up after the Himalayan winter. First flush Darjeelings make a light and floral, but astringent flavor leading to the nickname, "The Champagne of Teas." The second flush is picked from late April into June when the leaves are a bit larger than the first flush and produce a stronger yet smoother flavor of brewed tea.


Originally Published: 4/21/2021

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  • Katherine Kern
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