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Rewards Program

Our Rewards Program is free to join and includes the following perks:

  • Receive 12% off when you purchase 8 ounces or more of the same tea
  • Receive 20% off when you purchase 16 ounces or more of the same tea
  • You will accrue points for every dollar you spend (rewards are redeemed in $5 increments)
  • Reward Members promotions and special events, announced through our newsletter
  • As a thank-you for being part of our tea community, we offer special surprise perks throughout the year

When you create an account online you will automatically become part of our Rewards Program.  You can also join our Rewards Program in one of our stores by filling out a form or by asking a team member to add you during the checkout process. 

When purchasing online, you must be logged into your account to see discounted pricing on tea and to view and redeem your accumulated points.  

Purchases made both in store and online will all be visible in your account.

Please note: Points have accrued in your account for any purchase under your email address, but only details for purchases made after July 1, 2020 will be visible when you login to your account.