Now offering refreshing summer drinks and iced lattes! In house recipes with our own premium tea leaves!

Fueling Inspiration, One Steep At a Time

Our Vision

To be the catalyst for a global tea renaissance, where every cup ignites a journey of self-discovery, fosters deeper connections, and enriches communities across generations and cultures.

Our Mission

We inspire tea journeys, foster connections, deepen relationships, enhance well-being, and promote intentional living through expert guidance and a diverse selection of teas.

Our Passion

At Churchill's, we are passionate about tea.  This passion has led us to explore the history of tea over the past 5000 years and the variety of traditions that have developed along the way.   

We have traveled around the world, experiencing tea traditions first hand, and bring you the carefully selected loose leaf teas from the world’s best tea gardens. We personally taste all the teas we offer to ensure that they meet our requirements for quality.   

To enhance the ritual of teawe continually search for teaware that is both functional and easy to use.  In addition, we offer vintage and rare teaware and bone china tea sets for those special occasions - or simply for treating yourself.  Many of our tea sets and accessories are handmade by craftspeople whose skills have been passed down through generations.

We offer tea tastings and classes, so you can learn more about the origins, history, and cultures of tea - whether you are interested in English Afternoon Tea, the Chinese art of the Gongfu Tea Ceremony, the Japanese Tea Ceremony or masala chai.

We invite you to explore our site and learn more about the fascinating world of tea

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Our Journey

Like a lot of small businesses, Churchill's began with a small spark of passion. Over the last twenty years that spark has ignited and grew into two shops with a team passionate about tea and sharing tea moments. Churchill's Fine Teas has been serving teas and promoting health benefits of teas in our communities for over 20 years. Many of our customers and team members have become friends. We've remained woman owned and operated as we've moved, expanded, opened pop-ups and new locations, won awards, and collaborated with the very best of Cincinnati. We've finished every single day with a feeling of gratitude to have such amazing and passionate customers, partners, neighbors, tea growers and brilliant team members.  Our founder created the business to promote the English tea culture in 2003 and has established it as a staple in our communities. Today, our mission continues and expands to different tea selections and tea cultures. Yerba Mate, Matcha, and Bubble Teas are trending and we would like to introduce you to the fascinating cultures behind them, besides our staple selections of black tea, green tea, oolong tea, white tea, rooibos, and herbal & wellness blends. 

As we celebrate the last twenty years, our commitment to our customers for the next twenty years is the same - "Fueling Inspiration, One Steep At A Time!"


We wish you the best on your tea journey,

Angela Qu and the Churchill's Fine Teas Team