Anytime can be tea time!

Anytime can be tea time!

As this NY Times article declares, “anytime can be teatime,” and we couldn’t agree more! 

The English are well-known for the ritual of Afternoon Tea and the Japanese are famous for the Japanese Tea Ceremony. But over the past few years we’ve seen more individuals and families establish their very own personal tea rituals. 

During the Covid pandemic people began turning to tea more and more for health benefits and as a way to manage stress.  Some discovered with a little extra time on their hands they could sip and savor their tea in a new way, and appreciate the subtle flavor changes and nuances of multiple steeps.  Or they combined tea with another ritual such as nature walks/hikes, meditation, evening reading, family game nights, etc.

This post is the first in a series about developing tea rituals and sharing what we've learned from tea customs around the world, as well as our own family, team and individual tea rituals. 

I’ll start by sharing one ritual I have recently started, which I call a Curiosi-Tea Catch Up.

Curiosi-Tea Catch Up

A short catch up (in person or virtual) with someone you are curious to know more about, while sipping tea together. This can be a regular weekly or monthly time slot where you invite someone to join you for tea.

I try to book the same time slot every week and keep it short (30 minutes) and just see where the conversation goes. I find the act of sharing tea together also helps facilitate the conversation, even if we are meeting virtually and sipping different teas! 

I often learn something new and feel a sense of community and connection, and many times my guest tells me they’ve enjoyed it and would really like to share tea again!

For more inspiration this customer has shared a blog post about creating a mindful tea ritual and others have set intentions for tea time as family time.   

As part of the series, we’d love to hear more about your own tea rituals too!  Please comment below or send an email to


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  • Katherine Kern
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  • Julie Barlow
    Julie Barlow

    Love the curiosity-tea idea Katherine! Agreeing to make it a short half hour chat makes it easier to make time and space for this and I’m sure the time spent is well worth it!

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