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The Purist Black Tea Sampler

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The Purist Black Tea Sampler includes 1 ounce each of five of our purist black teas, each from a different tea growing region, including:

Assam Black Tea – The Assam region is the largest tea producing region in India and is well-known for producing strong and malty teas. This tea from the Behora Tea Estate is wonderfully malty and full-bodied.

Bamboo Temple Black Tea – A purist Chinese black tea from the revered Yunnan region in southern China, along the border of Myanmar. This tea is grown at elevations around 4000 ft. and has notes of malt and cocoa. The maltiness of the tea is accentuated with the addition of milk. 

Vithanakande Black Tea – This tea is an OP1 grade black tea from the Ratnapura District, near the Sinharaja Rainforest.  Brewed at three minutes it is smooth with lovely cocoa undertones.

Ilam Black Tea – This black tea from the Ilam Tea Estate in Ilam, Nepal is grown just across the border from the Darjeeling region in India.  Grown high up in the Himalayas, this tea has similar characteristics to its famous neighbor.  It is medium-bodied with a sweet finish.

Malabar Black Tea –  Malabar is from a remote tea estate in the West Java region of Indonesia. This medium-bodied tea has naturally sweet and citrus undertones.

CK Kosher certification.

The sampler contains enough tea to make 10-12 cups of each tea, for a total of 50-60 cups of tea!

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