We are pleased to offer a limited selection of our popular teas in 20-silken pyramid tea sachets. Silken sachets with premium loose leaf tea can be a nice convenience or gift giving option. The selection includes our award winning Lemon Drops tea; the Global Tea Championship 2017 winner for black flavored tea.

Our pyramid sachets are made of corn starch material and are bio degradable. The tag and string is attached to the pyramid sachet by an ultrasonic sealing process. There is no glue or staples like a conventional tea bag. Unlike conventional tea bags, pyramid sachets have more room for the tea leaves to unfurl. Only high quality tea leaves are present; dust and other extraneous particles are not found.

Choose and enjoy from our selection of over 265 teas & the largest selection in the Midwest.

Our teas have natural ingredients and no sweeteners unless noted.

All tea derives from the same plant camellia sinensis; the way the tea is dried and oxidized creates the five main categories of white, green, oolong, pu-erh and black tea . Each category of tea requires a slightly different brewing method for the optimum cup of tea.  Proper brewing instructions are included with every shipment.